World Forum of University

The World Forum of University has been held since 2011; involving more than 50 thousand university since its inception and is an excellent opportunity to share and exchange knowledge, experiences and views between students and distinguished specialists from more than 30 countries.

However a study in 2015 found that only 9.58% of the university community in Latin America has the economic resources to attend a course extracurricular quality education, being a disadvantage to those who are trained continuously, to this situation opens the opportunity to collaborate and support those university with incredible potential, enough to excel in activities such as international poster competition or scientific olympiad but nevertheless due to lack of resources are not involved in such activities, not only missing the opportunity to highlight in the international academic-scientific field but also losing the opportunity to make links with professionals, scientists and specialists who serve as consultants during the FMU.

With the intention of providing the opportunity to attend outstanding university the call for coolaborar in the Circle called "World Forum of University" is the main aim it is to raise funds and manage sponsorships and economic support for obtaining assistance grants and financing, with the commitment of the world body BC University foundation 1 grant award for each grant obtained by the Global University Leaders Circle.


29 October 2015